5 mai 2015

The Tear of Beauty

One day in paradise Beauty and Perfection met. It was not the first time.
-Look at those mortals! There is so little poem among them... Said Beauty with a sigh from her heart
-Darling don't be sad... You did your best. And so did Imagination.
-Do you think it's because Inspiration is never punctual?
-Don't try to find excuses for them. Inspiration is not always late. She is on time for the ones that deserve the rush.
-I wish there was something I could do for them. That's all...
-If I wouldn't know you and I would just listen, I could think you are Kindness herself. You know that there might be something we could try...
-Oh stop it! I just wish to have more mirrors to look at, that's all. Small pieces of me everywhere, that is what i want to see.
-How come you let Pride almost live inside you but you barely let me touch you?
-That is us. You know everything just as well as I do. There is no bigger wish that i have. Yet... Stop making me sad!
(First time Perfection touched Beauty was also the last time. They did not know the many rules of paradise, so just in the moment they saw each other something grew inside them: it was a double cavity in each, almost the same. They came closer to look at the strange appearences in their translucid bodies, when suddenly they were pulled into each other. As their gas bodies were mixing, the cavities united.
-What is going on? Asked with a huge smile Beauty
-Don't know, but i barely can talk because of Happiness. Oh, i guess she was intimidated when she heard her name and just left.
-She doesn't like me, that's why she left. But i don't feel like i need her now. Everything seems so... Perfect, now that i have touched Perfection himself.
-I think that this is how people feel when they look into each others eyes and get lost into them. I wonder what they do after... Was saying Perfection when they were brutally torn apart. The four united cavities flew a little in the air, as they didn't separate, and then got lost with the gravity, on Earth, to the mortals, while Perfection and Beauty didn't even have time to react. Love tried to catch it, but it just sliped, at least, for some moments, it was touched by her. They were creating things that shouldn't have existed in that way, messing around in the Love field, without her allowance.
-Have you got any idea of what you have done? You just gave heart to the humans without me! And, and, and... That mixing that I just stopped and had so little to do with it! Now they will all be able to kiss without me! And she started to cry, because she could only feel sad for her loved mortals. So it was decided that Beauty and Perfection should not interact ever again, except simple talking which they did, because of possible unknown consequences.)

-You look so beautiful when you are sad. Almost...
-Don't say it! And stay away!
But it was too late. Perfection was close enough to give Beauty a touch just as smooth as wind through hair in a sunny day. And that was all that happened. Now at a safe distance, Beauty full of desire and lust for a new kiss, changed into sad Beauty, which brought her even closer to her Perfection. Yet, the tear she let to drop and roll through years of existence, transformed into this flower: aspiring for perfection, wanting a new kiss and being tragically beautiful.